Garbage & Recycling

The Recycling Center is located on Harrington Avenue and Sand Road and is open Wednesday’s 6:30 am to 3:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. The center will be closed on all Federal Holidays. Holidays that fall on a Saturday will be celebrated on Friday. Holidays falling on Sunday will be celebrated on Monday.

Garbage Collection is every Tuesday & Friday Year Round, Town Wide.  All garbage/trash will be picked up curbside. Garbage cans cannot exceed 32 GALLONS. Plastic bags not in a container may not exceed 50 LBS. There is a limit of 6 ITEMS per pickup. If you plan on moving, “Think Early.” You are allowed only 6 items which includes your household garbage. If you have an excess amount of garbage you have to contact a private garbage hauler.  Curbside garbage includes mattresses, wood furniture and all other household items. No appointment for pickup is needed.  An appointment is needed to pick up a refrigerator by leaving a message at 201-664-2349. 

Garbage MUST go out the night before the schedule pickup (no earlier). The carter will not return if the trash is not on the curb or put out on the wrong day. If in doubt, please call the DPW at 201-664-2349.

There Will Be NO Garbage/Recycling Collection On These Days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Recycling Collection (Every Wednesday)

* Single Stream Recycling – All recyclables (glass, plastic, aluminum tin, paper and cardboard) can now be put in one container. There is no need to separate these items for recycling pick up.

* Plastic bags CANNOT be recycled with regular recycling.

* Recyclables MUST be at the curb by 6 a.m. In the event of heavy snowfall or flooding, collection may be cancelled until the next regularly scheduled pick up date.

* DO NOT put any recyclables in plastic bags. Newspapers may be put in paper bags.

* Only CLEAN #1, #2 and #5 plastics, aluminum and “tin” (steel/ferrous) cans, glass bottles (all colors), and CLEAN paper and cardboard should be included in your comingled collection.

* A plastic bag drop box is located at the Municipal Complex, 1st Floor.

METAL (Appliances) – All types of metals must be recycled. Metal will be picked up by appointment by calling 201-664-2349.

PAINT – If paint is latex, take off cover, let dry and put out for garbage collection. If paint is enamel, it must be taken to Bergen County Hazardous Waste Collection Day. The number for BCUE is 201-807-5825

USED MOTOR OIL RECYCLING – Bring used oil in a sealed container to the Recycling Center. There must be nothing but used oil in the container.

ELECTRONICS MUST BE RECYCLED – They cannot be put in garbage. Westwood residents are requested to drop off the following items to the recycling center: computers, lap tops, monitors, keyboards, printers, fax machines, modems, speakers, TVs (not consoles), radios, telephones and VCRs.


BATTERY RECYCLING –If it is Rechargeable, it is Recyclable. To prevent short-circuiting of non-alkaline batteries for recycling, residents must individually bag each battery or tape each of the terminal ends prior to recycling. Used car batteries may also be brought to the Recycling Center.

Christmas Tree Recycling will be Monday through Friday, beginning December 26, 2023 through January 30, 2024. Trees must be placed on curb. After January 30, 2024 all trees must be brought to Recycling Center.