Sustainable Jersey

Sustainable Jersey Certified Westwood - A Better Tomorrow, One Community at a TimeSustainable Jersey Certified Community

The Borough of Westwood is a Sustainable Jersey-certified community, one of only 198 in the state since the introduction of the program and one of only 74 municipalities to be certified in 2016. Westwood achieved Sustainable Jersey certification at the bronze level for the first time in 2010 and achieved its third bronze certification in 2016, as a certification is good for three years. Certified towns are an outstanding group of municipalities that are making important contributions toward the long-term goal of a sustainable New Jersey and world.

Across New Jersey, hundreds of towns are now working on sustainability programs to help the environment and their bottom lines. Efforts to curb carbon emissions, protect natural resources, and reduce waste are happening at the local level. Through the voluntary program, communities are implementing solar power and wind turbine projects, rain capture and reuse efforts, new walking and biking programs, building and operating community food gardens, launching community outreach programs on recycling and energy, and dozens of other initiatives.

Certification Process

To become Sustainable Jersey certified, Westwood had to complete a balance of the rigorous program's sustainability actions. In addition, Westwood created a green team and completed a Sustainable Land Use Pledge, a Water Conservation Ordinance, an Energy Star Portfolio, and a Green Building Policy; implementing a Prescription Drug Disposal Program, and hosting the annual Farmer's Market and Community Garden. Sustainable Jersey is a voluntary program that requires no fee for the certification. Because Westwood had so many sustainable programs already established, it was mostly a matter of documenting the progress of those programs to receive the 2016 recertification. It took approximately 7 to 8 months to complete the documentation/application process for recertification.


To get involved with Westwood's green team and sustainability initiatives, contact Karen Hughes by email. To participate in Sustainable Jersey free workshops and events held across the state, visit the Sustainable Jersey website.

Westwood's 2016 Sustainability Actions

  • Community Garden
  • Community Paper Shredding Program
  • Construction Waste Recycling
  • Creative Team
  • Effective Parking Management
  • Energy Audit and Upgrades of Borough Buildings
  • Farmers Market
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Plan
  • Green Building Policy
  • Green Purchasing Policy
  • Open Space Plan
  • Prescription Drug Safety and Disposal
  • Purchase Green Cleaning Product
  • Purchase Recycled Paper
  • Recycling Center
  • Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Public Places
  • Tree Protection Ordinance
  • Westwood For All Ages/Senior Citizen Community Sustainability