Track Storm Conditions

Flood Watches and Warnings

 A Flood Watch or Flood Warning for our area is issued by the National Weather Service.

 A Flood Watch indicates that flooding is a possibility, not a certainty.  The Office of Emergency Management monitors conditions on an ongoing basis and follows river level projections based on area river gauges whenever flooding is possible.  When conditions indicate the potential for flooding the municipal departments are placed on notice and continuous evaluation of all available information is begun.

 A Flood Warning implies that flooding may be imminent and precautions should be taken.

The Office of Emergency Management may issue any of the following notifications through the AlertWestwood emergency notification system, depending on water levels at the gage in Hillsdale:

 Advisory Phase Message:

This is Westwood’s Office of Emergency Management with an advisory message.  As per current weather forecasts, conditions exist for elevated rain levels and localized flooding.  We are continuously monitoring brook levels and weather conditions.  If conditions worsen, additional messages will be delivered.   Be reminded, this is only an advisory message.

 Warning Phase Message:

Th is Westwood’s Office of Emergency Management with a warning message.  Conditions are now in the warning phase as there is a strong possibility of flooding in your areas.  Take necessary precautions to secure your property and personal safety, up to, and including evacuation.  If conditions worsen, additional messages may be delivered.

 Critical Phase Message:

This is Westwood’s Office of Emergency management with a critical message.  Conditions are now in the critical phase as flooding appears imminent in your area.  It is highly recommended that you evacuate your home at this time.  This may be your only evacuation warning.

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