Affordable Housing

Apply for Affordable Housing Opportunities

Affordable housing rental opportunities are currently available at 35 Jefferson Avenue through December 16, 2022.

Click here for additional information about the 5 affordable rental units at 35 Jefferson Avenue.

35 Jefferson Affordable Housing PreApplication must be submitted by December 16, 2022 to be included for consideration in these 5 units.    

Return preapplication to 

All of the 53 preapplicants for 35 Jefferson have now been randomized into a ranked Waiting List for consideration.

The following list shows the street and city of each of the preapplicants for 35 Jefferson in the randomized order in which they will be considered for tenancy.

Please look for your street and city.  Each is unique to only one preapplicant.  If you are uncertain about your place in the que, please email Steve Weinberg and include your current street address in your email.

Those preapplicants high on the randomized Waiting List will be evaluated earliest for family size (number of bedrooms needed) and for income level.

If you are unfortunately not high on the Waiting List please be patient.  Please be assured that everyone on this list who does not get one of these 5 units will retain their place on the Waiting List for any future rental units that may become available in Westwood.

Click here for Preapplication Results Tabulations for 35 Jefferson Avenue.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Low or moderate income households may be eligible for an interest-free loan to repair or replace roofs, gutters, heating systems, plumbing, electric, structural problems, etc.

Housing Rehabilitation Program Application

Housing Rehabilitation Program Manual