EV Chargers

Parking Utility Map 2023

Westwood offers Level 2, J1772, electric vehicle charging stations through Blink, which provide a maximum of 240 volts with 80 amps of power to recharge an EV battery quickly.   The fee is $5.00 per hour, plus the cost of metered parking.  The amount of time that you can park is dictated by the lot that you are parked in:


Center North Lot:        2-hour parking

Center South Lot:        9-hour parking

Fairview Avenue Lot:   3-hour parking


Parking is first-come, first-served.  When not in use, any car can utilize the parking space.


The length of time necessary to charge an EV depends on the rate at which the car can receive a charge. To complete a charge from empty to full on a Level 2 EV charger, it can take a few hours to overnight (please note there is no overnight parking in any municipal lot). Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more detailed information.


Drivers can access and initiate charging sessions at public Blink EV chargers via the Blink Charging mobile app, the Blink membership card, or you can also charge as a Blink Guest. Click on “Charge as Guest” and continue through Guest payment verification and the in-app instructions to begin a charge.
Blink Customer Support:
Call (888) 998-2546 for our customer support team to help you start a charge on a Blink charging station.