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Westwood Train Station

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From the Westwood Historic Preservation Society:
"The Westwood Railroad Station is a locally-significant piece of architecture in the Borough of Westwood in Bergen County, New Jersey. Designed by Graham King, the lead architect of the Erie Railroad, the station is distinguished in Westwood architecture by the use of Briar Hill stone, a cream-colored stone imported from New York State and otherwise not used elsewhere locally. King gave the building an austere, symmetrical design, adapting motifs from the Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Shingle styles. The building was purposely set in a small park in a prominent location in the downtown area of Westwood, and has served from the beginning as a focal point for the town. This places the Westwood station as a very late example within the context of small-town New Jersey railroad stations that were given park-like settings since the 1860s, with the intention of promoting the towns in which they were located. Westwood is perhaps the last time that such a suburban railroad station was built in New Jersey under those circumstances. For these reasons, the Westwood Railroad station meets National Register Criterion C with local architectural significance. Its period of significance is 1932, corresponding to the date of its construction."


  • Westwood Heritage Society’s Museum
  • Public bathrooms
  • Waiting area for NJ Transit trains
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