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Adopt A Westwood Storm Drain

  1. Thank you for your interest in adopting a Westwood storm drain. The Adopt-A-Storm Drain program is an opportunity for individuals in Westwood to prevent water pollution and flooding in their community. By adopting a storm drain, volunteers will help to beautify the neighborhood, reduce localized flooding, and help stop litter and debris from entering our waterways.
  2. Address of the storm drain you wish to adopt. The address is based on the house of business address closest to the storm drain.
  3. Age Verification*
    Please verify that you are an adult. Only adults can adopt storm drains and it will be up to those adults to monitor their minors.
  4. If you are adopting as a group/club/business, please enter the organization's name:
  5. Hold Harmless*
    HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: In connection with the Borough of Westwood's Adopt a Storm Drain program, we agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Borough of Westwood, its agents and administrators from and against any and all claims or actions at law, whether for personal injury, property damage or liability, including any cost of defense incurred by the Borough of Westwood, which arise from our actions, those of our agents or employees in the execution of the work and/or duties to be performed during our participation in the Adopt a Storm Drain program.
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